Cheshire Segway Stole My Money

Cheshire Segway

Think twice before booking with Cheshire Segway.

The segway company in Cheshire may look fun and exciting on the outside, but that’s only if things go smooth and you don’t ask any questions.

For example, I made a booking with the Cheshire Segway company back in July 2019, but on the day of the event there was torrential rain which meant it would make for a pretty miserable experience. At least for us.

Unfortunately, Ross Still, Director of Cheshire Segway LTD, thought it was reasonable to still go ahead with the event. Irresponsible, I thought.

I mean, sure, go ahead with it if you like, but it’s unreasonable to expect people to want to ride a segway through woods in torrential rain. Not everyone thinks that is fun, and I am one of them. But hey ho.

Anyway, I emailed and asked to change my booking.

Here’s the response from Ross:

Hi Marty

Thanks for your Email, we are still going ahead with  Segway Woodland Glides today and would just suggest that you wear suitable clothing for the weather, We find our customers love the experience no matter what the weather, however if you wish to cancel there will be an additional charge of £5 per person to change the booking.

Regards Ross

Wait – a £5 fee to change a booking that was ruined by the weather?

I think that’s totally unreasonable, but it’s their company. Under normal circumstances, fine, but due to shit weather? Nah.

Here are my booking details:

Booking Referance Number: Seg11-280071542
Booked Slot: 11:30 on 28 July 2019
Quantity: 2
Total Cost (After Vouchers have been applied): £70.00

No Reply or Refund from Cheshire Segway

I still haven’t ridden a segway with them.

I emailed Ross back in July 2020 and asked for a refund.

I had no reply. It has now been well over one year since I made this booking with Cheshire Segway and I still haven’t had a refund from them.

I asked one final time before publishing this post. Still no reply.

Cheshire Segway Review

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Is Cheshire Segway a SCAM?

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