Savvy Benefits Card Review – What is it? Is it a Scam? And How to Cancel

Savvy Benefits Card

I was recently doing some research for a post I’m writing about catalogues for people with bad credit when I came across an unflattering website called savvy benefits card.

From my initial observations it looks like they’re offering some sort of online ‘club’ where you pay a joining fee and a monthly fee thereafter to be a part of it. Exactly what you get from this membership isn’t clear, but I am going to dig deeper to find out. I have a bad feeling.

I went ahead and tried savvy benefits club so you don’t have to. Keep reading.

What is Savvy Benefits Card?

Savvy Benefits Card is, according to their website, an online savings club offering massive monthly savings on your bills, discounts on the high street and access to a credit line of £2,500 without credit checks which can be spent on the UK Shopping Club website.

Here’s what they claim to offer their club members:

  • Savings of £1,800 a year on household bills
  • £2,500 credit line with no credit check
  • Discounts at over 200 high street stores
  • 70% OFF your monthly food bill
  • Guaranteed mobile phone contract with no credit check

My Savvy Benefits Card Review

Upon landing on their website I was instantly sceptical and thought “SCAM!”.

I didn’t really want to proceed any further but I thought I should sign up for the benefit of my readers and all of the potential vulnerable people out there who this site and its claims could take advantage of. And so I did. And was instantly charged a first payment of £29.99 by them.

Upon logging into their online portal I couldn’t help but notice how poorly designed the whole system was. Broken links, dead pages and disappointment everywhere.

Let’s address each of their ‘benefits’ one by one…

Savings on household bills, or even savings in general

In the sidebar of the portal there are a number of links to different categories where you can apparently find savings and discounts, but when you click on these it takes you to a different website of theirs that looks like it was created by my 3-year-old son, Marty.

To add insult to injury my savvy benefits card login didn’t work on this website, and the forgotten password link didn’t actually send me anything. It’s broken, or more likely never created.

No savings or discounts to be found anywhere. I’m feeling like a mug now.

£2,500 credit line to spend on UK Shopping Club

Damn – £2,500 to spend on whatever I want and they’re not even going to credit check me. Living the dream or what! The link to this imaginary credit line from the portal did work, however the website looks terrible. Missing images, limited information and lack of products.

And guess what happens when you actually try to place an order? That’s right, they want to take some money from you right away. So much for that amazing credit line, huh? Shocking.

70% OFF your monthly food bill

I’m not going to lie, this one did make me laugh out loud a little.

They provided a link to Approved Food (a great company by the way) to offer this saving on your monthly food bill. And it was an affiliate link, to make even more money from you.

Guaranteed mobile phone contract

This offer appears on what seems like almost every page load as a pop-up (annoying) offering a guaranteed mobile phone contract with any of the latest phones. And no credit check.

Again, this is another affiliate link to a company called Sunshine Mobile, who also own The Yes Network, to make even more money from you. From what I have read these companies do actually provide you with mobile phone contracts without credit checks.

They also have some horrendous reviews over on TrustPilot. Check them out.


To conclude my review, it’s easy to see that Savvy Benefits Card is a complete scam designed to take advantage of people with bad credit and struggling financial situations.

DO NOT go near this company. Don’t give them your money and don’t sign up for anything they refer you to. There are better ways to save money and none of them require you to a member of an imaginary club. If you have signed up, read below to cancel your account and get a refund.

Cancellation / Refund

You have a right to cancel and close your savvy benefits card account without reason and request a full refund within 14 days of your first payment of £29.99 to them.

Email to cancel:

Phone number to cancel: 08081012206

Written by Marty Rogers

I'm Marty - I enjoy helping others to make more money online.

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