Catalogues for Bad Credit

Catalogues for Bad Credit

Catalogues are often looked at in a negative light because they are seen to prey on people with a low income, but actually they can be a very good way to begin building your credit if you have very little credit history, or bad credit. So let’s take a look at the best catalogues for bad credit.

Before going on to use any of the UK catalogues on this list, remember that none of them provide accounts without a credit check.

My bad credit catalogue list contains:

  • Buy Now, Pay Later Catalogues
  • Pay Weekly Catalogues
  • Pay Monthly Catalogues
  • Instant Credit Catalogues

4 Best Catalogues with Instant Credit

There are many catalogues for bad credit, but I am going to focus on just a few of them because; 1) these are the best, and 2) applying for too many credit accounts at one time can negatively impact your credit profile.

1. Very

Very is probably the easiest and best instant credit catalogue to open a personal credit account with, especially if your credit isn’t that great.

They’ll offer you a decent credit limit straight out of the gate, in the region of £150 – £500 dependent on your credit. You can also expect 20% OFF your first order placed with them using your credit account.

Payments offered:

  • Buy Now, Pay Later
  • Take 3
  • Spread the cost (minimum payments)

2. Littlewoods

Littlewoods is owned by Very so you can expect mostly the same experience when using the two sites, but you will notice that the prices on Littlewoods are much higher than those listed on Very. But you’ll get a similar credit line straight away.

3. Studio


4. Blah

Credit Catalogues to Avoid

Although there are many great catalogues out there, there are many more bad ones that you should avoid like the plague. See below.

I will keep this list updated to help others so if you discover any bad catalogues offering credit, please leave a comment below and I’ll investigate before listing them here. Let’s stop these criminals.

1. Yes Catalogue

These are the same criminals who operate the savvy benefits card, which I have written about before, and their only goal is to take your money and make it difficult to get it back. Just an overall painful experience.

They claim you get access to £300 credit when you join. But before you can get in, they want to charge you £9.99. Instant red flag.

Bad Credit Catalogue FAQs

A catalogue in the UK is a shopping website or, more traditionally, a physical catalogue with which you can place orders and pay off the cost in weekly or monthly instalments rather than one lump sum payment.

Catalogues can be great should you need to make a big purchase when something like a washing machine breaks down, without losing a large chunk of money from your bank account.

And, as suggested within this post, catalogues can also be a great way of building your credit profile, or rating, by making small purchases and paying them off regularly, ideally without interest where possible.

Many people unfortunately have a bad credit rating, sometimes through no fault of their own because to get good credit, you need to take out credit. Weird, huh?

Fortunately, catalogues usually have a much more lenient credit checking process than some other financial lenders such as loan providers and mortgage brokers, which is why building credit with catalogues can be an ideal place to start.

Written by Marty Rogers

I'm Marty - I enjoy helping others to make more money online.

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