Fresh Lead Finder Review for Cold Email B2B Leads

Fresh Lead Finder

Fresh Lead Finder


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  • Millions of Leads in Database
  • Instant B2B Leads
  • Export Leads in CSV or Excel
  • Makes Cold Emailing Easy
  • Low Email Bounce Rate


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Fresh Lead Finder is an online lead finder for finding and putting together b2b marketing lists containing emails, phone numbers, addresses, and more.

It’s great for b2b businesses who sell products or services to other businesses and either actively, or wish to begin, outbound marketing activity like cold emailing, cold calling or direct mailing to increase company revenue.

What is Fresh Lead Finder?

It’s a cloud-based lead finder built from the ground up.

It provides access to thousands of business leads in a matter of seconds, based on your unique search criteria including keyword and location.

All of the leads found by Fresh Lead Finder contain a business name, email address, phone number, business address and social media links among other useful data points that can really help you to identify your ideal potential b2b customers. Their leads database contains many millions of entries.

Fresh Lead Finder pricing starts from just $19.99 per month. Incredible value.

It’s much more affordable than any of the alternatives out there, including Selectabase, D7 Lead Finder, Lead Carrot, and more.

Fresh Lead Finder features:

  • Find fresh b2b leads in any country in the world, instantly
  • Create marketing lists for cold emailing, cold calling and direct mailing
  • Export all of your lead lists via CSV or Excel
  • Filter leads to identify your ideal potential b2b customers
  • Use their API to pull b2b data into your own website, app or software
  • Become an affiliate and earn a generous 20% recurring commission

How Does it Find Leads?

Fresh Lead Finder scrapes a lot of data from sources like Yellow Pages, Foursquare, Central Index, Google Places, and more.

The app will ask you for a keyword and location to perform a lead search.

  • The keyword must be something like Accountant or Marketing Agency
  • The location can be any town, city or state in the world

The system will then go off and query its large company database and return a marketing list containing all of the matching businesses. The number of leads returned will vary from search to search, depending on the number of businesses in each location and how popular the respective industry is.

Leads can be filtered to remove those without emails, phone numbers, and more. This ensures the leads are relevant to your marketing activity.

How the Leads Can Be Used

Fresh Lead Finder can be a valuable asset to a number of different people and businesses, depending on what you do or want to do.

For example, a marketing agency can use it to find potential clients. A new craft beer brand could use it to finds pubs to stock their new product. Or a smart winner could use it to sell leads as many businesses buy leads already, and don’t have the time nor resource to do it themselves.

Here are some of the reasons you might use Fresh Lead Finder:

1. Cold Emailing / Email Marketing

Yes, cold emails still work. Yes, you should be doing it.

According to MailChimp, the average open rate for email campaigns is from 15% to 28% so if you can get a healthy percentage of those converting and adding revenue to your business then you’re going to be in a great place.

The key to success with cold emailing lays within your targeting and how you present yourself and your company. It’s about being short and compelling.


You work in recruitment and focus on creative placements in London.

You use Fresh Lead Finder to find all of the Marketing, Design and Social Agencies in the city and export 3,000 leads from the app.

You then set-up a cold email campaign using Mailshake comprising of an introduction email and 4 follow-up emails. For greatest success you’d offer something your competitors wouldn’t, or couldn’t.

How to improve your cold emails:

  • Use a short subject line that provokes thought or action
  • Enter your contacts name in the subject line
  • End your emails with a question
  • Format of email: intro, what you do, what you can solve, question

2. Cold Calling / Telemarketing Campaigns

Like cold emailing, cold calling is most certainly not dead. It works.

But again it’s something that needs to be done right. You need to be contacting the right people with a solution they can’t ignore.

Personally I have no experience with telemarketing but I know that you can find thousands of  telemarketing leads with Fresh Lead Finder. You can check out this great post with a lot of useful stats around cold calling.

3. Direct Mailing Campaigns

Direct mail is another one I have no experience with, but I know that Fresh Lead Finder provides b2b addresses that you can export out into your own CRM for use in a traditional mail marketing campaign.

4. Selling Leads

Many businesses outsource their lead generation efforts and are happy to buy leads from good suppliers online, and at great rates too.

Selling sales leads can be a doddle as long as you know which companies would benefit from them. Put in a bit of effort to ensure the leads are good quality by warming them up before selling them. That can be very valuable.


You know a local SEO agency aren’t doing too great. They work with legal clients.

You use Fresh Lead Finder to find all of the Property Solicitors in 5 different cities in the UK. You export them and send out a carefully crafted cold email campaign using Mailshake and end the emails with the offer of a free audit over the phone. They reply, that’s a warm lead to sell on right away.

That’d be on a pay per lead basis, but you could simply sell cold lists, too. And you can do the same with phone numbers (telemarketing leads).


Fresh Lead Finder is an invaluable lead finding tool for b2b companies.

From a pricing perspective, you really can’t grumble about a starting cost of $19.99 a month to find thousands of potential customers every month.

And, if utilised correctly, it will most certainly add revenue to your business. I’d recommend spending time trying to master the art of cold emailing to really maximise your effective use of Fresh Lead Finder. It’ll be worth it.

Huge thumbs up from me!

Written by Marty Rogers

I'm Marty - I enjoy helping others to make more money online.

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